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Olympics Tokyo 1 tickets

Olympics Tokyo 1 Tickets

Ticket Only rules:

- The users of the tickets must have a European Passports. P1. Corporate Hospitality has the right to cancel the order when a non European Passport holder order the tickets. 

- Agencies are not allowed to buy ticket through the shop. For ticket requests, please contact our team. 



Wednesday 22 July 2020
Wednesday July 2020
TOFBL01 Football From € 30,00
Thursday 23 July 2020
Thursday July 2020
TOFBL04 Football Request tickets
Saturday 25 July 2020
Saturday July 2020
TOBK301 3x3 Basketball Request tickets
TOBK302 3x3 Basketball Request tickets
TOBK303 3x3 Basketball Request tickets
TOHOC02 Hockey Olympics From € 25,00
TOARC03 Archery From € 30,00
TOVBV02 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOVBV01 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOVBV03 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOBOX01 Boxing From € 65,00
TOBOX02 Boxing From € 65,00
TOFEN01 Fencing From € 30,00
TOGAR03 Gymnastics Request tickets
Sunday 26 July 2020
Sunday July 2020
TOBK305 3x3 Basketball From € 30,00
TOBK308 3x3 Basketball Request tickets
TOHOC06 Hockey Olympics From € 25,00
TOCSL01 Canoe Olympics Request tickets
TOARC05 Archery From € 30,00
TOVBV05 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOVBV04 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOVBV06 Beach Volleyball Request tickets
TOBOX03 Boxing From € 65,00
TOBOX04 Boxing From € 65,00
TOEQD02 Equestrian Request tickets
TOFEN03 Fencing From € 30,00
TOFBL11 Football From € 55,00
TOGAR06 Gymnastics Request tickets
Monday 27 July 2020
Monday July 2020
TOBK310 3x3 Basketball Request tickets
TOVBV08 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOVBV07 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOVBV09 Beach Volleyball From € 75,00
TOBOX05 Boxing From € 65,00
TOBOX06 Boxing From € 65,00
TOFEN05 Fencing Request tickets
Tuesday 28 July 2020
Tuesday July 2020
TOBK314 3x3 Basketball Request tickets
TOHOC15 Hockey Olympics Request tickets
TOBKB09 Basketball From € 30,00
TOARC10 Archery From € 30,00
TOARC09 Archery From € 30,00
TOVBV12 Beach Volleyball From € 75,00
TOVBV10 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOVBV11 Beach Volleyball From € 75,00
TOBOX07 Boxing From € 65,00
TOBOX08 Boxing From € 65,00
TOFEN07 Fencing From € 30,00
TOFBL17 Football Request tickets
Wednesday 29 July 2020
Wednesday July 2020
TOCSL04 Canoe Olympics Request tickets
TOARC12 Archery From € 30,00
TOVBV13 Beach Volleyball Request tickets
TOBOX09 Boxing From € 95,00
TOBOX10 Boxing From € 95,00
TOEQD04 Equestrian Request tickets
TOFBL19 Football Request tickets
TOGAR09 Gymnastics Request tickets
Thursday 30 July 2020
Thursday July 2020
TOARC13 Archery From € 30,00
TOARC14 Archery From € 30,00
TOBOX11 Boxing From € 65,00
TOBOX12 Boxing From € 65,00
TOFEN11 Fencing From € 30,00
Friday 31 July 2020
Friday July 2020
TOBKB23 Basketball From € 30,00
TOARC15 Archery From € 30,00
TOVBV19 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOVBV21 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOBOX13 Boxing From € 95,00
TOBOX14 Boxing From € 95,00
TOEQE01 Equestrian Request tickets
Saturday 1 August 2020
Saturday August 2020
TODIV06 Aquatics From € 50,00
TOARC17 Archery From € 30,00
TOVBV22 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOVBV23 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOBOX15 Boxing From € 125,00
TOBOX16 Boxing From € 125,00
TOEQE03 Equestrian Request tickets
TOFEN15 Fencing From € 30,00
Sunday 2 August 2020
Sunday August 2020
TOBKB29 Basketball From € 30,00
TOBKB32 Basketball From € 30,00
TOVBV25 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOVBV26 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOVBV27 Beach Volleyball Request tickets
TOVBV28 Beach Volleyball From € 35,00
TOBOX17 Boxing From € 125,00
TOBOX18 Boxing From € 125,00
TOFEN18 Fencing Request tickets
TOFEN17 Fencing Request tickets
Monday 3 August 2020
Monday August 2020
TOCSP01 Canoe Olympics Request tickets
TOBKB34 Basketball Request tickets
TODIV08 Aquatics Request tickets
Tuesday 4 August 2020
Tuesday August 2020
TOWPO26 Aquatics From € 45,00
TOBOX19 Boxing From € 175,00
TOBOX20 Boxing From € 175,00
Wednesday 5 August 2020
Wednesday August 2020
TOCSP03 Canoe Olympics Request tickets
TOWPO28 Aquatics From € 45,00
TOBOX21 Boxing From € 175,00
Thursday 6 August 2020
Thursday August 2020
TOBOX22 Boxing From € 175,00
Friday 7 August 2020
Friday August 2020
TOCSP05 Canoe Olympics Request tickets
TOWPO33 Aquatics From € 45,00
TOSWA04 Aquatics Request tickets
TOBOX23 Boxing From € 175,00
Saturday 8 August 2020
Saturday August 2020
TOWPO34 Aquatics From € 45,00
TOBOX24 Boxing From € 175,00
Sunday 9 August 2020
Sunday August 2020
TOBOX25 Boxing From € 175,00



With our Tokyo Olympics Ticket/Hotels Deals, you can build your own taylormade ticket and hotel package for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. 

How does it work:
Select the number of nights you would like to stay in one of our contracted hotels in Tokyo. Of the total amount spend on the hotel stay, 15% of this value will be available for you to pick your Olympics event tickets for free!

For Example:
If you choose for a 5 night stay in our 4* hotel, total hotel price would be 2695 euro for 2 people in total (1347 euro per person). You may now choose event tickets with a worth of 269,50 for free, from all the available event tickets on our website. You may off course buy more tickets seperately, please contact our team to arrange extra tickets if needed. 


P1 Corporate Hospitality is holding rooms at the best hotels in Tokyo. We are holding inventory in these two 4* hotels:

- Shinagawa Prince Hotel Main Tower (4*) - Twin Standard Room

Boasting 15 food and beverage options, 2 swimming pools, and its own aquarium, Prince Hotel is right next to JR Shinagawa Train Station, from where Haneda Airport is only a 25-minute train ride away. This 39-storey hotel offers beautiful Tokyo views and free WiFi throughout the entire property. The air-conditioned rooms at Shinagawa Prince Hotel have a fridge and an en suite bathroom with a bathtub and shower booth. Free toiletries and a hairdryer are provided. Guests will also find a personal locker in the room.By train, Shibuya is 5 stops away and Shinjuku is a 16-minute ride. Tokyo Station is an 11-minute train ride away.

- Hotel Mystays Premier Akasaka (4*) - Superior Double Room

Hotel Mystays Premier Akasaka is a 4-minute walk from Akasaka Subway Station on the Chiyoda Line. Rooms are furnished with modern interior and feature free WiFi. Private parking is also available at a surcharge. All rooms come with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, fridge, electric kettle and an air purifier. Slippers, nightwear and free toiletries are also provided. The en suite bathroom comes with a bathtub and a hairdryer. Guests can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city after a day of sightseeing or working on the terrace or relax with a massage treatment. The 24-hour front desk at Hotel Mystays Premier Akasaka offers free luggage storage. You will find a free fitness centre and restaurant on site.

To order:

Please put as many nights/rooms in your basket and pay the complete hotel stay. Right after your order was received by P1, a voucher code will be emailed to you with a value of 10% of your hotel booking. This can be used to buy as many Tokyo Olympic tickets as you want. All tickets / sessions in the portal are available as soon as they are bookable, and this is based on first come first serve.