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Ball Sports

3x3 Basketball Tokyo 2020 Olympics
3x3 Basketball

Three against three basketball is a new sport at the Olympic Games. The matches are played on a half court with one basket. A match lasts 10 minutes or finishes when a team has scored 21 points.

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Baseball Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The baseball and softball are played in the Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium. This stadium has space for 30,000 people.

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Basketball Tokyo 2020 Olympics

In basketball twelve men’s teams and twelve women’s teams will aim for a medal.

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Football Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Players under the age of 23 participate in the men's football tournament. There is no maximum age for women.

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Handball Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The handball group games are played in three groups of four teams. This is followed by the quarter finals, the semifinals and the small and big final.

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Rugby Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The rugby matches are scheduled between July 27 and August 1 at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Chofu, which was also used for the Rugby World Championship in 2019.

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Table Tennis Tokyo 2020 Olympics
Table Tennis

Table tennis has been on the Olympic Games program since 1988. China in particular has won many gold medals over the years.

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Tennis Tokyo 2020 Olympics

5 tournaments are played on the hard court of the Ariake Tennis Park of Tokyo: women's single, women's double, men's single, men's double and mixed double.

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Volleyball Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Among the men and women, 24 pairs compete for the title of beach volleyball. Twelve national teams of twelve players participate in indoor volleyball.

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Golf Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Golf returned to the Olympic Games in 2016 after an absence of 112 years. Also in Japan men and women will play golf.

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